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About Us.

Farsiad, is an investment company active in the Iranian market. We consider it our mission to try our best to improve human interactions in any way we can in order to improve their lifestyle. This is to be done using every single resources, every idea, and every tool coming to our reach.
Whether its a quality brand we could middle to bring to local customers, or if its a web technology easing user's access to reach what they need most, just the way that it is right for them.


We focus on a number of areas in the journey to create a better user experience.
Human Computer Interaction

Using A.I to for creating simple, personal and joyful experience for users through chatbots.

Recommendation engines

Analysing Big Data and providing meaningful, realtime and effective recommendations.

Market place discovery

Facilitating easy discovery, contact, and support relation in two-sided markets.

Creative sharing infrastructure

Providing easy-to-use, robust and simple interface to facilitate creative sharing

What we do.

These are the projects we’ve currently invested in.

Moshaver | The online property portal

Tina | The smart assistant

Hoz | The professional guide for home design

Zarb | Money managment made simple

Robano | A personalised shopping experience
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About Iran.

The population of Turkey, the size of western Europe, and the world of opportunities

With International sanctions against Iran lifted , Iran's market has quickly became one of the hottest investment opportunities in the region. The high youth population, and wide technology penetration has made Iran an ideal place for new ventures.

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